Cheshire Tennis


Junior Tennis Camps

Junior tennis and multi-sport camps during non-school weeks. We provide a responsible and reliable environment for your children to enjoy while they build social skills, increase fitness and improve multi-sport skills.

Group Coaching Sessions

We offer group coaching for all standards of play from beginners to veterans. We specialise in efficiently and effectively training large numbers at once, incorporating skills, team building and situational awareness exercises into our routines. We offer different group sessions for different skill levels.

School Tennis

Coaching within various schools within the region, we act as tutors and coaches in developing juniors from any skill level through to tournament and professional standards in an environment which is both fun and challenging.

Private Coaching Sessions

Whether you want to have a backhand like Rafael Nadal or are just tired of your mate from work getting the best of you every week, our personalised private training will get you to your goals and help you become a better player.

If you have your own private court we can travel to your home or private court on request (Please note a £1 per mile travel charge applies).

Private lessons start from just £28 per hour (Please note that there is a 50% extra surcharge for lessons conducted on Sundays and Bank Holidays).

Skills and Fitness Analysis

We will do a session with you and assess your current fitness and skill levels, marking areas of improvement and layout a pathway to the next level.